About Us

I have been a property developer for the past 30 years, creating Interior Design and Interior Styling for the projects too. I feel this is absolutely paramount to get right when creating a beautiful home.

Whether it is purely for yourself or preparing your property for the market. Crucial factors to get right are the practical side of the design, the flow of the colours, lighting, texture, flooring and pattern within the property, together with the layout of the furniture, and styling.

The important fact in which I point out to my clients is hiring an Interior Designer will be cost effective in the long run. I can’t scream this loud enough!! I’ve had clients who have ordered unnecessary expensive purchases costing hundreds of pounds. An Interior Designer is there to make sure you DO NOT make those costly mistakes. Advising a client to cancel expensive fitting units as they wouldn’t enhance the design. Choosing the wrong fabric for windows, chairs, sofas etc. Ordering the wrong colour of paint, or a hue which is too light or too dark for the space. Sending wallpaper back to retailers as the pattern chosen was old fashioned. These are just some of the examples of how I have saved money for my clients. The list goes on. All such costly mistakes.

Then there’s the headaches and stress of trying so hard to make the right decisions which, in some cases, can bring the whole project to a standstill. This is where Happy Interiors takes control and brings calm and order enabling me to transform your property to a professional standard.

I wouldn’t be able to do my job properly if I wasn’t up to date with the latest design trends. I am consistently in the loop of what’s hot and what’s not in this industry. I am passionate about Interiors, therefore I’m wired in to the latest fashion of all aspects of Interior Design. From the latest fashionable hue for your home right down to the way in which to style your home. All boxes are ticked.

I am very proud of my talented builders who are professional, highly creative and are a joy to work with. Keeping my projects running smoothly which enables us all to proceed within the given timeframe.

So, let’s go through a quick tick box…

  • I create the WOW Factor!
  • I take away your stress!
  • I work to your budget!
  • I work to your timeframe!
  • I spread happiness, room by room!

Best Wishes