Which colours work best?

Choosing the correct colour scheme for your home is an absolute must, and while this may sound simple, it’s actually much more difficult than you might imagine.

The primary colours are the first thing to consider, then you’ll move onto the secondary, then it’s the accent and even clashing colours. Don’t forget about colours which suit your mood and personality, or hot and cold colours to make your space cosier or lighter.

It can be a daunting experience for an untrained homeowner, so here are a few useful tips that you may like to consider…

Mixing hot and cold colours is useful when you want to create a mood, or make your space feel cosier or lighter. Too much of one or the other can have a negative effect, creating an almost awkward, uncomfortable atmosphere.

Neutral colours are extremely easy to work with, as they’re versatile and go nicely together. The colours can be layered and mixed and matched. All the colours are great independently and don’t try to dominate each other.

Accent colours are great in my eyes; they’re a clever little device to add small amounts of colour to a room. Small splashes of bright, bold colours in the form of cushions, vases or throws. Perfect if you’re scared of experimenting too much with strong colours.

Be careful with clashing colours; used correctly they look super! But used incorrectly and you could have a problem.
All in all, colours are great and are meant to be used to express mood and personality; I’ve even read that they help to improve your mental wellbeing, which is an added bonus!

But remember, colour is deeply personal, so what you may love, others may hate. Don’t be offended, it’s just different styles suit different people.

We’re all unique and I think it’s great when this is reflected throughout the home.