Country versus City

As the sun begins to shine and the lighter nights commence, it got me thinking about living spaces and the differences between living in the country and living in the city. The two may seem worlds apart, but just how far apart are they in terms of interior design?

I think the first thing to consider is lifestyle; does your home reflect your way of life, and personal preferences? Every home I’ve ever been in has entirely different furnishings and little ‘bits’ that reflect the homeowners moods and personalities.

I wanted to delve into the country Vs city debate, and take a look at how the interior styling of each, mirror the attitudes of the person living there.

Country homes are all about comfort; they’re cosy and casual, perfectly representing the lifestyle and ease of those that set up home in the beautiful countryside.

The fresh air, scenic landscapes and laidback surroundings really help to nurture the interior décor. Inviting nature indoors creates a warm, cosy atmosphere inside the house; I’ve always been a fan of bringing the outdoors in and done well, it can have a great effect.

And if privacy isn’t an issue, then big, open windows are definitely something to consider. Leave the windows uncovered, enjoy the view and take in the outdoors if you’re lucky enough to live in a country home.
Now, when it comes to living in the city there tends to be a different outlook and way of life, which is represented in their interior design within the home.

city flat

Take a city centre apartment for example, the type of person living here will most probably lead a busy, bustling lifestyle. Their flat is their living space, but also somewhere for friends and family to convene.

Open plan living spaces are popular in the city; they’re spacious, inviting and sociable. Perhaps there’s a link here to country homes; both represent spacious, airy spaces, but for different reasons. The key is to furnish and decorate these to suit your mood and means.

While your flat may be small, there are a few handy tricks that you can do to make the most of your living space. Lighten things up a little, making the flooring a lighter colour will really enhance and make the space you have seem much larger; it will give the room an airy feel, perfect as we enter the Spring/Summer season.
Another simple tip is to keep the worktops, tables and desks clutter free, this allows the focus to be on other aspects of the room.

City flats tend to vividly represent the personality of the homeowner; an artist may hand paint the walls, or the living room may represent an office for a businessman who works long hours; whatever your lifestyle, knowingly or not your living space tends to speak volumes about the type of person you are.

Be sure to style your home exactly as you desire.