Does your sofa suit YOU?

Sofa, couch, settee, we all call them something a little different…but they all do the same job, and that’s creating a comfy and cosy space for you to relax and unwind.

Now choosing the right sofa can be a lot more difficult than you imagine, believe me. The style, shape, colour, design, feel and price are only a few factors that need to be considered. Have you thought about what the sofa will be used for? Or how often it will be used? This may sound picky, but your sofa will become a long term investment and feature within your home, it’s important for your own peace of mind, (and bank balance!) to get this right.

Consider the size of your room and then the size of the sofa; think about how much space you have to play with and whether you’d like the sofa to be the main feature in the room, or simply blend in with the other furniture. Rounder sofas are a good option if you want to provide a focal point and make the sofa the main statement in the room. Simple or L shape designs are perfect if you want the sofa to blend in. Also, have a think about how many sofas you’d like to incorporate into the room, they’re don’t always have to match exactly, as long as they complement each other nicely, I think that’s all that matters. There are also some lovely pieces of furniture such as armchairs, or an ottoman that can replace a sofa; these are particularly good if you don’t have much room.

contemporary modern sofa

The design; this is the best part! Now is the time to add character, and show some personality within your living space. Again, think about the space you have and how obvious you want the sofa to be. The design and colour should match the theme of the room as a whole, so whether you have a traditional, modern, eccentric or retro feel, the sofa you choose should continue this look.

retro sofa

A little tip when choosing the pattern and colour; remember that fashions are continuously changing, and something that looks amazing right now, may not look so good in a few years’ time. Instead, why not consider cushions and throws to spice it up! These are much cheaper and simpler to change according to the seasonal fashion trends.

glamour sofa

And last but not least, consider how you will use your sofa? There are a numbers of different ways to use your sofa; studying, relaxing, reading, watching TV, lying down, sitting up; whatever the reason, make sure you invest in one which will suit your needs.

vintage sofa

This sofa, couch, or settee, will play a huge role in your life, whether you realise it or not, so choosing the best one is worth spending a little time deliberating over.

I hope this has helped with one of life’s major decisions; please feel free to get in touch if you’d like any further advice and tips. I love talking sofas, designs, colours and anything else relating to the wonderful place we call home!