Four ways to bring your walls to life

Creating character in your home is essential to ensuring that it is YOUR home, in every way possible. Little touches that show your personality, or give a flicker of your charm to outsiders are great for sprucing up your living space and giving it that ‘wow’ factor.

I’ve been having a think about unusual wall fittings and features; walls look great as a blank canvas, but they also look great when filled with interesting, quirky ideas.

Here are four ideas that particularly caught my eye. I hope you like them and that they spur you on to have a think about your walls and what you can do…

1. Newspaper! Yes I know they’re traditionally meant to be read and possibly used in the odd paper mache creation, but it also works wonders for funky wall displays. The texture and black and white effect looks great on the wall. An interesting idea that really allows your artistic flair to shine, give it a go!


2. This is one for the music lovers, I’ve seen this a few times in lots of variations and it certainly leaves an impression. Hanging musical instruments on the wall allows you to showcase your talents, but also to express your personality, and give guests an insight into what you’re all about. If you’re a collector, display your old and new instruments, the vintage against modern idea will look fab.


3. Hats are great to hang on the wall if they suit the theme of the room. Flat caps are great for country homes, snap backs for a bachelor pad, or straw hats for a summer holiday home; whatever your theme, don’t be afraid to try accessories that reflect who you are as a person.


4. Mirrors, great for the ‘selfie’ generation out there! Create a gallery wall of mirrors, they’re a very striking feature, and there are some absolutely beautiful mirrors to showcase. If you’re a fan of interesting shapes and have the space, have a play around with mirrors; you’ll be surprised at their fascinating effect.