Make your house a home…

It’s often easy to go shopping and fall in love with everything you see. You can’t resist the big traditional armchair, the antique, oak finished table, or the quirky, bright cushions; so you pop it on the credit card and without realising, your living room has become a catalogue of your favourite ‘odds and sods’.

And while some may love this approach, others prefer to make a plan well in advance about how they’d like their space to look; and this is where I can help.

The most important question to ask yourself seems obvious; what do you want from your living space?

Some prefer their space to be family orientated; a cosy place to relax in front of the fire, eat in front of the TV, and play board games or iron; whereas others prefer their space to be somewhere to entertain guests. Whatever your preference, this is the starting point to creating a beautiful living area that is tailored towards your needs.

Anyone with a small living space should be very selective about what they put where, as there needs to be a balance between making the room feel spacious and the urge to squeeze as much furniture into the room as possible.

Mirrors and wallpaper are a great way of enhancing your living space – one tip is to position the mirror opposite a window, making it seem like there is an extra window.

High ceilings are an absolute bonus in my eyes, so if you’re lucky enough to have them, make the most of them! The key is to make your guests look up; perhaps to witness an eye-catching light fitting, and this way the room will appear much larger.

And don’t forget to pick a colour scheme from the outset… this is crucial to creating the exact setting you want from your living space, and every other decision you make will be based on this.

Pick wisely and make your house a home!