Out with the old and in with the new?

Hello everyone

I can’t believe we’re nearly into March and Spring is just around the corner; it doesn’t seem two minutes since I was wishing you a Happy New Year and telling you about my Christmas festivities!

I love this time of year, it’s so much brighter and inspiring don’t you think? I love the longer days, the clear blue skies, the green grass and the colourful, vibrant flowers.

I find that people tend to come out of their shells at this time of year too; interior design wise that is. The old saying ‘it’s time for a Spring clean’ really does come to life, as people decide they want something new within their homes, to reflect their sudden change in mood.

But throwing out the old and replacing it with new isn’t always the best option, and that’s where Happy Interiors come in.

Ever heard of upcycling? I absolutely love it and I’m sure you will too!

Upcycling is about taking the furniture you already have, and simply recreating or enhancing it to meet your current needs.

Take an old mahogany bookcase that might dominate your front room for example; you may think it’s ugly, out of date and a huge inconvenience, but we think it’s the perfect piece of furniture to upcycle. A creative, quirky and fun way to reintroduce the items of furniture you hate, sparking a new found love for them.

The first thing to do when upcycling an item of furniture is to pick the colour carefully; there needs to be one principal colour and another underneath, the two should complement each other nicely.

It’s also important to prepare the furniture before you start any work on it. So sand it down if needed, get rid of any old flaky paint and check for woodworms… Gross, but they do exist!

Experiment with different brush strokes too, this will create texture on the furniture. There’s a whole variety of different effects to play with including swirling and stippling, so simply choose your favourite.

And don’t forget to sandpaper over the areas you want to expose, to reveal the colour underneath. Just a little, you can always add more.

But don’t worry too much about all of this, as we’re experts in the art of upcycling; all you have to do is hand over your piece of furniture, tell us its story and a little information about how you’d like it to look.

We think you’ll be amazed at the transformation and glad you didn’t throw it out!