Relax, recuperate and redesign

Sleep is a chance to really relax and unwind; I absolutely love the feeling of wrapping myself into a cosy cocoon after a long, hard day and drifting off into ‘dreamworld’. But for some, the luxury of sleep isn’t always as it should be, as they toss and turn and struggle to travel into their unconsciousness.

We spend a third of our lives asleep, so it’s really important to grasp the concept and do everything we can to help our bodies relax, repair and recover. And believe it or not, furnishing and decorating your bedroom is the first place to start; there are all sorts of tricks to enhance your sleeping experience. Let’s delve into the world of snoozing and look at a few ideas that can really boost the bedroom R&R…

Firstly, try to avoid harsh, sharp colours in the bedroom as these can be very distracting and make it difficult for the body and mind to wind down. Think about soft and gentle colours such as nudes, greys, lilacs and whites; these are calming colours that will create a warm and relaxed feeling, and therefore help you to have a comfortable night’s sleep.

bedroom style

All the senses should be considered when designing your bedroom, but in particular I’d try to focus on your sense of smell. Incorporate smells that you love and make you feel relaxed; the worst thing to do is place smells in your room that irritate your nose, simply because they are fashionable at the time. Lavender, vanilla and jasmine are great, sensual smells that are recognised sleep enhancers. Treat yourself to a nice candle, or incense sticks that will give the room a nice smell and feel.

smells for bedroom

On to the bedding; this is an interesting one as this is completely based on personal preference, and rightly so! Make sure you choose bedding that you love, as it will be encasing your body within it for at least 8 hours. The look, style and feel should represent everything you love in your bedding, so whether this is plain and simple or fancy patterns, it should be right for YOU. The more attractive it is to you, the more enticing sleep is.

bedding 1

bedding 3

My last blog talked about storage space, and I’d just like to revisit this idea a little here; unrelated sleep items that are on show in your room can be a real distraction and don’t allow your mind and body to relax and unwind. Items such as laptops, phone, iPads, laundry and even food and drink are unnecessary when trying to sleep. Look at storage options to remove these from sight when you decide to settle down and catch some zzzzzs.

bed storage

Lighting can be a major issue with regards to designing your bedroom and interrupting your sleep pattern. Sunlight is absolutely great during the day, but it can be a very disruptive influence in the early hours of the morning, waking the body up before it’s due to naturally or artificially (alarm clock!). The ideal solution is to invest in some black out blinds or curtains, which will create a pitch black effect and really keep the room in total darkness; the best thing for a wonderful, uninterrupted good night’s sleep.

All of the above are a few tips that help with ensuring you sleep comfortably, soundly and effortlessly. A soothing hot drink before bed will also help too!