Say goodbye to salmon!

It seemed appropriate to spend a little time talking about camping this month. Summer is here, and if you’re not jetting off to Egypt or the south of France to lounge by the pool all day in 35 degrees heat, my guess is you’re a real English soul who loves a spot of camping!

I love camping, but for as long as I can remember caravans have had the same old fashioned and dated interiors. Salmons, peaches and mustard greens cover the walls and furniture, giving the place an eery feel, rather than the welcoming, excitable feel you expect on the first day of your holiday.


We spend hours, months, even years deliberating over our home interiors; I’d say that for many this is an ongoing thing; something is never quite right. The need to feel comfortable, safe and cosy can last a lifetime, so why do we settle for second best on holiday? Why are we happy to chill out amongst stained salmon sofas and peach bathroom interiors?

Ugly surroundings can have a real impact on our mood. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to relax and enjoy the holiday; and isn’t that what getting away from home for two weeks is all about?

I’m surprised that caravan interiors haven’t evolved yet; interior design is a fast paced industry, trends, colours and attitudes constantly change, it’s exciting and liberating!

Yet the majority of caravans still offer the same structure and colours, and, to be honest, it’s not particularly inspiring.

Camping styles are a little different; over recent years we’ve seen the term ‘glamping’ grow and grow, sparking a new craze in making an outdoors holiday a little more interesting. Shepherds huts, pods, and vintage caravans are only a few lodgings which will make your holiday experience one to remember.

shep huts


And that’s exactly it, holidays should be memorable. Whether you’re camping in England or abroad, have a think about what you expect from your holiday and choose your accommodation wisely.


Happy camping!