Store it away!

I thought we could talk about bathroom storage this month, as it’s not something we’ve touched on as yet. I absolutely hate clutter. It’s a small pet hate of mine; it’s distracting and devalues a room that should scream beauty and perfection.

The bathroom is the easiest place to obtain clutter; unsightly multi coloured shampoo bottles, deodorants and face creams are okay if they are in gorgeous, attractive packages, but this simply suggests hundreds of pounds?
For many homeowners, these products will represent Herbal Essences, Nivea or Dove amongst others; great products but the packaging doesn’t quite match the colour scheme of the bathroom; instead of blending in, they become the main point of focus in the room. Surely, there must be a solution to camouflage these necessities?

Of course there is, and it’s something I’m particularly excited about! There are numerous storage options to consider, from traditional wall cupboards to quirky, fun tricks to liven things up.

Rather than trying to disguise a wall cabinet, why not make a feature of it. They are great for storage use, so make the most of their versatility and try to incorporate them into the room.

bathroom 4

Storage boxes are another great way to tidy things up a little. Minimalise what you have on show with trendy, wicker boxes or even clear plastic boxes. These are neat looking and they’re almost certain to match the room, whatever your colour scheme; an ideal way to keep the bathroom essentials but hide away the distracting bottles.

bathroom 2

Introduce glass jars; these suit every bathroom style, colour and theme! A different idea as the products can still be seen (so choose carefully what you pop inside), but a good way to tidy up; the clutter becomes almost non-existent.

bathroom 3

Now it’s time for my favourite bathroom storage idea, quirky accessories! Can you think of anything random and creative to enhance your bathroom? Have a go, there are some fun ideas out there, here’s one to get you started…

bathroom 5