What’s hot and what’s not?

Hello and Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas break and spent some quality time with your nearest and dearest. Mine was frantic as usual; it flies by far too quickly doesn’t it?

However, the break did give me a chance to research and get my head around what’s hot and what’s not in 2015. I found some pleasant surprises and a real sense of excitement and interest at the cool stuff on offer… so come on, let’s take a peek!

Texture combinations are set to be HUGE, with an emphasis on the fusions of textures, styles and colours. Don’t be afraid to be different, mix and match, it’s a way of showcasing your own personality within your home. Take the colour orange and mix it with lilac; see what happens, you may be pleasantly surprised!
Mixing of metals within the home is also popular this year, creating a riskier, more stylish look; not too much, just simple, subtle pops of colour which will add depth and ambience to any room.

Another favourite in the industry is the continuing use of copper, a classic, versatile colour that is popular with architects and can create a raw, almost industrial feel. The metal also has the ability to change a mood and atmosphere instantly; the reflective quality of copper means when the light hits it, it can bounce around the room creating a warm glow.

Now it’s time to talk about one of my favourite topics, which is the colour of the year; I love that this changes year upon year, as it appeals to a wider audience. Sometimes you may hate the colour, but other times you may love it! This year it’s all about Marsala, which is a burgundy colour and one that I’m particularly enthusiastic about. It will look great with a variety of different metals, and for me, it has a real hearty, cosy element surrounding it. It’s described as a colour to enrich the mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. I’m excited to see the Marsala year, are you?

And finally, the link between interior design and fashion continues to grow and is something to look out for over the next few years. The two complement each other well, and designers in both enjoy playing and experimenting with materials. So keep an eye on the latest fashions, and what your favourite shop is selling; it could feature in your living room in the not so distant future!

So now we’ve discussed the trends for this season, it’s time to go and explore. And for those of you who are unsure if your ideas will work, or haven’t got the confidence to home those risky metals, don’t be afraid to come and talk through your options with me.

Let’s sit down with a cuppa and chat about how we can incorporate this year’s trends into your beautiful home.